Do you want to increase awareness of your brand or improve your customer relations? Does your brand have a dynamic and sporting image which you want to convey to your target group? If so, then the Skicarrier is the perfect product for you! There are various ways in which the Skicarrier can be marketed by your company:

  • Private label: do you have, for example, a chain of travel agencies, sports stores, specialist winter sports stores or ski-hire companies? If so, you could sell your customers your very own version of the Skicarrier!
  • Free gift: use the Skicarrier as an original free gift for your customers when they purchase one of your products. Free gifts are an ideal way of encouraging impulse buys and increasing the value of your brand.
  • Incentive: incentivize your customers, staff or business relations to carry out a specific action by offering the prospect of receiving the Skicarrier as a reward.
  • Promotional gifts: Give customers, staff or business relations the Skicarrier as a gift as a token of appreciation. A Skicarrier in your chosen colour and bearing your own logo will have a lasting impact and will demonstrate your appreciation.

Above certain order amounts, anything is possible: the colours can be tailored to suit your corporate identity, the packaging can be designed to your specific requirements and the Skicarrier would of course bear your own company logo.
A number of large companies are already fully satisfied Skicarrier customers. Please feel free to contact us without obligation if you are looking for an original, private label that fits in with your company.









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