The Skicarrier system consists of a carrier strap that you wear diagonally across your back or over your shoulder. Your skis always fit perfectly in the strap and can be carried safely without any difficulty whatsoever.
Furthermore, the Skicarrier takes up so little space so that once you are on the piste you can put it in your trouser or jacket pocket.

The Skicarrier is easy to adjust to the right length, which makes it suitable for both adults and children.

  • Place your skis one on top of the other and hold them in one hand with the back ends resting on the ground.
  • Hold the Skicarrier in your other hand making sure the loop is lying on the ground.
  • Lift the skis up and place the back ends in the loop then pull the loop up as far as the bindings.
  • After this, attach the Velcro fastening above the bindings. Keep the skis pressed firmly together and pull the fastening until it is as tight as possible and cannot slide over the skis (this prevents unnecessary wear and tear).

M&R Productions cannot be held liable for the consequences of incorrect fastening or improper use of the Skicarrier.


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